Say "Blah Blah" to Worries!


Amaya, Anelise, Emma, & Giselle are best friends.  They even have their own secret language, and "Blah Blah" means goodbye.    They knew "Blah Blah Worries" would be the perfect name for this website because it means goodbye worries!


The Blah Blah Worry girls are here to help! 

On this site you'll find lots of tips to help you overcome your worries and fears.  You'll find suggestions of how you can help your friends if they are worried about something.  Check out our youtube channel and TIPS page or ask the Blah Blah girls a question!

You are AWESOME! 

We want you to feel empowered, happy, loved, and to know that you can do anything as long as you work hard enough!


Amaya, Anelise, Emma, & Giselle