You can make a difference!

 Doing something that may seem small to you can make a BIG difference for someone else.

Be kind.  Be nice.  Be brave.  Do what is right even when its hard.  Stand up for someone who isn't standing up for themselves.  Say hi and smile. By doing these things you will spread love and light wherever you go! 


The Blah Blah Worry Girls think it is very important to give back and help when you can.  The Blah Blah Worries Girls have volunteered at The Oregon Food Bank and made donation boxes for Rosehaven Womens Shelter.  Each quarter the girls pick a different charity to work with and welcome your support. 




You can make a difference by being kind.  Always treat people like you would like to be treated.  Stand up for people who are being bullied and set a good example by helping anytime you can.  Always be the nicest you can be and you will make the world a better place!